Martin Weyssow

Ph.D. student at DIRO, University of Montreal and GEODES research lab.

2238 Pavillon André-Aisenstadt

2920 Ch de la Tour

Montreal, QC H3T 1N8

I am a Ph.D. student in the Department of computer science and operations research at the University of Montreal advised by Prof. Houari Sahraoui. I am part of GEODES software engineering research lab where I carry out my research projects.

My research is all about the application of deep learning and natural language processing in software engineering. As part of my current research, my objective is to design data-intensive approaches that can be leveraged to ease the development and maintenance of complex software systems by assisting developers.

The objective of my Ph.D. thesis is twofold. First, it involves the design of multimodal learning approaches to better modeling programs. Secondly, I believe that making deep learning models of code adaptable and robust to adversarial situations where important distribution drift of the data occur is crucial. Therefore, my second objective is to study the resilience of deep learning models of code to these scenarios, and design methods to improve their robustness.

Besides, I enjoy reading about other research topics including psychology, neuroscience, and, deep reinforcement learning. In my free time, I play and compose music (check out this page!).


Apr 29, 2022 I was awarded a prestigious FRQ Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students (PBEEE) funding my Ph.D.
Mar 22, 2022 I am serving as a PC member of the Deep Learning for Code workshop at ICLR 2022.
Dec 30, 2021 Our paper ‚ÄúBetter Modeling the Programming World with Code Concept Graphs-augmented Multi-modal Learning‚ÄĚ got accepted at ICSE-NIER 2022.
Dec 17, 2021 Our paper ‚ÄúRecommmending Metamodel Concepts during Mdoeling Activities with Pre-Trained Language Models‚ÄĚ got accepted for SoSym journal AI4MDE theme issue.
May 1, 2021 I am recipient of a Google Scholarship for Excellence offered by DIRO, University of Montreal funding 1-year of full-time research. :fire: :smile:

selected publications

  1. ArXiv
    AST-Probe: Recovering abstract syntax trees from hidden representations of pre-trained language models
    L√≥pez, Jos√© Antonio Hern√°ndez,¬† Weyssow, Martin,¬†Cuadrado, Jes√ļs S√°nchez,¬†and Sahraoui, Houari
    arXiv preprint arXiv:2206.11719 2022
    Better Modeling the Programming World with Code Concept Graphs-augmented Multi-modal Learning
    Weyssow, Martin, Sahraoui, Houari, and Liu, Bang
    In 2022 IEEE/ACM 44th International Conference on Software Engineering: New Ideas and Emerging Results (ICSE-NIER) 2022
  3. SoSym
    Recommending Metamodel Concepts during Modeling Activities with Pre-Trained Language Models
    Weyssow, Martin, Sahraoui, Houari, and Syriani, Eugene
    Software and Systems Modeling 2021
  4. SoSym
    Opportunities in intelligent modeling assistance
    Mussbacher, Gunter,¬†Combemale, Benoit,¬†Kienzle, J√∂rg,¬†Abrah√£o, Silvia,¬†Ali, Hyacinth,¬†Bencomo, Nelly,¬†B√ļr, M√°rton,¬†Burgue√Īo, Loli,¬†Engels, Gregor,¬†Jeanjean, Pierre,¬†and others,
    Software and Systems Modeling 2020